Roles and Responsibilities

The Treasurer shall:

i) Be an elected and voting member of the Executive Committee;

ii) Be entrusted with the funds of the Association, approve all cheques to be signed for expenses of the Association, deposit immediately all monies he/she receives on behalf of the Association, and co-sign all cheques with the President or, in his/her absence, the Vice-President;

iii) Be responsible for the bookkeeping records of the Association and for preparing and presenting financial reports to the executive or to the membership when requested to do so by the President;

iv) Monitor the monthly dues that the University collects on behalf of the AUFA and remits “monthly” to the Association no later than the 10th day of the following month,” as per the FTCA and the PTCA;

v) Be responsible for keeping track of the record supplied by Administration of the names and ranks of the members from whose salaries deductions have been made and the amount so deducted from every member’s salary;

vi) Forward the mil rate payments to CAUT, OCUFA, NUCAUT,
and other such associations of which the Association is a member; and

vii) Prepare a report for the fiscal year ending June 30th, which will be presented to the general membership at the first General Meeting each year during the Fall term. This Treasurer’s Report shall include an externally audited income statement if such a statement has been mandated by a majority vote of the Association membership at a previous meeting, or if the Treasurer has been directed to supply such a report by the President.