Roles and Responsibility

(a) The President shall:

i) Be the elected senior officer and a voting member of the Executive Committee;

ii) Be the spokesperson and correspondent for the Faculty Association;

iii) Be responsible for enforcing the by-laws and policies of the Association, for co-ordinating the work of all Association officers, and for insuring that all officers and members comply with the obligations and duties of their positions.

iv) Be responsible for meetings between the Association and the Administration of the University;

v) Call and chair all Association and Executive meetings, or designate other members in good standing to chair such meetings and/or to serve as parliamentarians;

vi) Represent the Faculty Association on the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) and appoint one other member of the Executive also to sit also the JCC

vii) Be an ex-officio member of all Association committees, except the Nominating Committee;

viii) Have the authority to appoint, on behalf of the Executive Committee, ad hoc committees to investigate matters of interest to the Association;

ix) Take initiatives for the good and welfare of the Association on any matters related to the Association, subject to the approval of the members, and have the right to look into any matter falling under the jurisdiction of the Association;

x) Be responsible for reviewing when requested the letters of offer received by candidates for positions at the University, or for delegating to other members of the Executive Committee this responsibility


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