A Message from the President

I can continue to bring a historical understanding and a reasoned approach to all issues, and also continuity to the this year’s part-time members bargaining process, while assisting Negotiating Team members understand how to best represent the varied interests of the AUFA Collective.

My experience, besides being AUFA President for the last two years, includes being a member of five previous Full-timers’ Negotiating teams, serving as lead for four. My track record is one of representing all faculty interests, including those of AU Part-time Association members.  Over the last year I have been involved in many situations and issues as AUFA President, all of which I believe have been resolved with AUFA interests being upheld.

I learned from my negotiation experience that – “Preparedness is a key to success, and attention to detail helps to maintain what has been achieved”. I have tried to apply that adage to all my university service activities – always come to the situation or table knowing the issues and the potential positions of the opposition, only then can a well thought out strategy to achieve one’s objectives be formulated.

I believe in totally open and transparent organizational and management process, and have applied those principles in all my faculty association roles and responsibilities over the years (AUFA Secretary – 2 years, Negotiator – 12 years, AUFA Vice President – 2 years, President – 2 years).  The role of President is one of representation, but to be a good representative one must be open to diverse, sometimes differing, viewpoints and be able to listen. These are two qualities I hope I have demonstrated to all fellow faculty members over the years.

My goals for the next year are:

  • To assist the PT Negotiating team negotiate the best deal possible,
  • to bring in more and new people into the AUFA committee ranks, increase faculty involvement, and
  • formalize the operational processes of AUFA
  • keep excesses of AU Administration to a minimum


Pelham Matthews